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Why Posture?

Many People ask me “Why Posture?” Posture is a fundamental aspect of who we are. We intrinsically know that it is important to stand up straight. Yet, we spend most of our lives performing activities that are detrimental to our posture. We sit at desks, check our smartphones, and do everything we can to avoid going to the gym. What effect is poor posture having on your overall health? Pain     Did you know that 85% of Americans will experience back or neck pain in their lifetime? Poor posture is one of the leading culprits of musculoskeletal pain. Postural distortions lead to muscular imbalances, which lead to pain of neck, back and other joints. Restoring proper posture allows for joints and muscles to function optimally and pain free. neckbackpain Breathing All organisms on Earth rely on the presence of oxygen for their survival. Forward flexed posture leads to decreased lung capacity, decreasing your ability to take in oxygen. Bringing the body back into the upright standing position allows for full and efficient expansion of the lungs.  Stress     Dysfunctional posture leads to dysfunction in our bodies stress response. This dysfunction leads physiology to a breakdown (catabolism) in response to the constant bombardment of stress. By implementing good postural habits, your physiology will switch from catabolism and evenly distribute stress to the many systems of the resulting and anabolic growth and return to homeostatic balance. Circulation     When posture fails and joints fall out of appropriate alignment additional pressure is placed on the circulatory system. Because the vessels of circulatory system are closely related to the muscles and joints faulty posture may impinge or occlude them. Increased peripheral resistance is the leading cause of high blood pressure. By improving alignment not only of the spine and head, but of the body as a whole the cardiovascular system is able to function more efficeintly. Athletic Performance     Your body is designed to be a giant spring that can explode through a myriad of complex and athletic movements. As we fall into poor posture habits our body begins to resemble more of the slinky you let your 3 year old cousin play with. Rather than exploding through complex movements you create inefficient motion which decrease performance and increases the risk of injury. Energy     A body that is constantly fighting gravity in a slumped posture is drained of energy. Mental and physical energy is spent maintaining an inefficient and failing postural state. Up right and structurally optimal posture leads to optimal nervous system function, which is efficient and will boost energy and balance out hormones providing you with the energy you need. nerve-cell-energy_1024 Flexibility     The posture system is designed to have appropriate balance between the various muscle groups. Failed posture places muscles out of balance leading to decreased ability to move through the world. Good posture enhances movement, balances length and tension relationships of our muscles, and optimizes functional flexibility.     These effects of posture on our health are merely scratching the surface of the effects of posture. When posture is optimized we look better, feel better, and move better. So, Why Posture? Because, it matters.   dr-jesseJesse Call, D.C. C.P.E. 

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