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Posture Restoration in Danville

No matter how old or young you are, proper posture plays a key role in your health and wellness. At Sycamore Valley Chiropractic, we’re proud to be the only chiropractic office in the Danville area to offer a unique posture restoration program with Dr. Jesse Call, who is a Certified Posture Expert (CPE).

posture restoration in DanvilleWhat is Posture Restoration?

Our posture restoration program works to strengthen muscles in the body to allow the spine to stay in the position it was designed to. This involves chiropractic adjustments, stretches and exercises to aid restoration.

At your first visit, we’ll go over your unique history and rule out any serious problems to ensure that you’re dealing with a posture issue. Next, we’ll take photos to show you what and how we can improve your posture naturally. We’ll discuss what your specific care plan will entail, and if you’re ready to start, we can begin care immediately. Typically, patients notice a vast improvement in just 12 weeks.

After completing the program, many patients find themselves standing proud and tall with decreased body pain, the ability to move better, improved confidence and even better breathing.

Bad Posture? Let Us Help

If you or your child is dealing with poor posture, we’d love to talk with you about how we can design a custom care plan to restore your spinal structure in just 12 weeks. To get started, contact our practice today to book your first appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!

Posture Restoration in Danville
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