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Reviews for Sycamore Valley Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say . . .

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Sycamore Valley Chiropractic patient testimonials below and, if you have any questions, please contact our office.

Yours in Health,
Sycamore Valley Chiropractic

  • Everyone in the office was extremely welcoming, helpful and kind. I love this office!

    - Meg
  • I really loved my experience with SVC! Each interaction was positive! From the initial call all the way through to the appointment and the stim & ice after! Thank you for making my experience a positive one!

    - Carol
  • Feeling better already! Thank you!

    - Cullin
  • This place Makes miracles happen, just how worm the overall practice feels is incredible. It feels like home, I went in the with a blown-out back came out feeling like a million bucks. Highly recommended!

    - Richard J.
  • Dr. Call was very thoughtful and caring regarding my situation. His examination and comments regarding my treatments were thorough. I have every confidence in him.

    - Annette
  • I loved how thorough the exam was and how much time everyone spent with me.

    - Ellen
  • Absolutely WONDERFUL experience! Thank you!

    - Domylyn W.
  • I feel I am in the right place. Thank you!

    - Ellyn
  • Thank you for the kindness and friendliness of the staff. Each part of the exam and therapy was well explained, done professionally and my pain was relieved. Thank you.

    - Bob
  • Thank you so much for fitting us in and really taking the time to help my daughter.

    - Liberty H.
  • Friendly, helpful, welcoming staff.

    - Ava L.
  • My first appointment exceeded expectations. I’m very pleased to have been introduced to SVC and Jesse Call.

    - William
  • All the staff, including Dr. Call, were very courteous and efficient.

    - Wesley
  • Very impressed with everyone and the service.

    - Rob
  • Staff and doctor were great!

    - Garrett P.
  • Wonderful experience! Would definitely recommend!

    - Caralin
  • I went for postpartum massage and pain relief and I was helped enough that in the very first visit I could feel my pain went down to just being 20%. I am sure a couple more visits will get me in shape and fit and fine.

  • In a word…”fabulous” I am so glad that I was referred to your practice! Dr. Call is the most through and knowledgeable chiropractors I have ever met. Very impressed.

    - Jerilyn
  • It was all perfect. The staff was very nice and I Love Dr. Shanda Fuller personality and she helped a great deal! I highly recommend your place.

    - Louise
  • It has taken me a long time to find a chiropractor that I connected with, but Dr. Shanda Fuller has filled that void for me. She is amazing!!

    - Sharon
  • The first visit was good, and subsequent visits have been amazing!

    - George
  • My experience was amazing. I now have hope that I will be pain free soon!

    - Janet
  • Everyone was wonderful, friendly and professional.

    - Raquel
  • Dr. Kelly is awesome!!

    - Joshua
  • I really appreciate Jessie being available Saturday morning when I needed it most. 

    - Chris
  • Dr. Ko was fantastic! She was very tuned in to my issues and not only addressed them directly herself but also took time to explain, listen, and demonstrate. She gave me the tools and knowledge to continue with self-progress outside of her office. I look forward to seeing her again.

    - Todd W.
  • Melissa is awesome! She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure your comfortable with the treatment she is providing!

    - Lisa H.
  • Dr. Shanda is my first chiropractic experience and i was extremely satisfied with her knowledge, skill level, communication and overall caring nature.

    - Brian
  • I was very confident with Dr Hall as she explained everything and I felt so much better as I left. I can’t wait to come back. The office staff made my first visit very easy and I felt well taken care of.

    - Margaret
  • I look forward to continuing my treatments. I have received very professional and caring treatments. All of my questions were answered and I received information that will help me remain healthy.

    - John
  • Great experience with knowledgeable and caring chiropractor.

    - Marlka
  • Dr. Ko and the staff at Sycamore Chiropractic provided incredible service!

    - David D.
  • Dr. Ko is the ABSOLUTE best…really! Take it from a skeptic…she has done wonders for me. In a few weeks, she out-performed orthopedic doctors and physical therapists…what a find!

    - Gene
  • I am amazed after only one visit I feel the best I have felt in seven months!

    - Debbie
  • Dr. Kelly Hall is the BEST!

    - Jennifer



Dr. Shanda has this amazing ability at being professional, but making you feel like you’ve known her for years. She is thorough, helps you feel comfortable and makes sure you get all your questions answered. You leave feeling hopeful and sure that your problem or aliment you are there for will be corrected. The staff is also wonderful and helpful. The second time I was in there, April and another staff member greeted me by my first name. I was very impressed. Thanks for all you do to have such a wonderful practice!


Dr. Call takes time to listen to my issues and concerns. He is empathetic and understanding. He has helped me correct a very bad posture problem and given me relief from my back and neck pain. His staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend this practice!


I have had chiropractic care all my life. This was hands down the best care I have ever received. Dr. Kelly took her time taking care off my injuries and thoroughly examined me. The staff was kind and attentive. It’s evident that everyone at Sycamore Valley Chiropractic genuinely cares for their patients. I feel very blessed to have found this office.


Got a great price from Dr. Melissa Ko. I wasn’t sure how much she could do, but I had an Achilles’ tendon tear a couple years ago and needed some work done. She did a full head to toe exam and found lots of problem areas. She did adjustments on my feet, legs, and spine, which were all kind of scary but felt great. I was sore for the next couple days but felt more energetic and spry afterwords.

Adjustments plus physical therapy helped me run my fastest two mile time ever (and this is at age 30). I cannot recommend Dr. Ko highly enough! She is always optimistic and great at explaining exactly what she is doing. Go see her, especially if you’ve had a sports injury.


I have been a patient of Dr. Kelly Hall for well over 10 years. I used to only see her when my neck, shoulders and back felt really bad. It has taken me until about 3 years ago to realize that the full benefit from chiropractic comes from continuous treatment. Now I see Kelly once a month and have added a 1 hour massage with Teresa. The combination of therapies has made an incredible difference in my body. I love my family here at Sycamore Valley Chiropractic! The staff is exceptional and they will always get you in to see one of the doctors if you just make that call. I can’t imagine my life without them!


I have been seeing Dr Kelly Hall at Sycamore Valley Chiropractic for over 5 years and she has always been extremely helpful, caring, responsive and effective at helping me manage a variety of health issues. I see a big difference in my pain level and quality of life as a result of chiropractic care and she has helped me resolve some long standing back pain. The staff is friendly and professional. They have always made sure I received convenient appointment times and were very welcoming and warm on the occasions I had to bring my two young kids with me. I have received a variety of services including massage, ultrasound, etc. and all were fantastic. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hall and the great team at Sycamore Valley Chiropractic.

Bill and Goldie

My wife, Goldie and I have been patients of Dr. Greg Call since about 1985. Neither one of us would be walking and functional if Dr. Call and his staff hadn’t been treating us. Goldie has had a number of unscheduled dismounts from her horses and in one incident checked herself out of John Muir Hospital to have Dr. Call straighten out her twisted spine! The Medical Doctors at John Muir couldn’t provide anything except narcotic pain relievers!

I’ve had numerous incidents over the years wherein Dr. Call’s treatments have greatly helped me. I inherited Arthritis and other genetic issues that Dr. Call continues to provide me care and relief. Dr. Call and his Associates at Sycamore Valley Chiropractic are the most honest, trusted, and caring Professional Medical Providers that have ever provided care to us. If you are looking for a great group of Chiropractors, you have found them.


Dr. Melissa Ko is an epitome of good hands and customer service skills.

I had plantar facsiitis in my right foot last year and was treated by Kaiser’s podiatrists with some success. When the pain came back about 6 months later, I decided not to have a second shot of cortisone and sought help from Dr. Ko instead.

The first time I was in her office, she diagnosed my conditions and set up a treatment program, which she explained in details. My fear of having something wrong with my right foot was gone immediately. Each week I saw her, she monitored the progress of the foot and applied appropriate treatments. She listened to my concerns and she always explained to me what she was going to do to my foot before the treatments started. She was at all times calm, courteous, professional and very knowledgeable. Needless to say, I have no pain now. I mentioned earlier about good hands, I mean both literally and metaphorically.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs chiropractic help.


Dr. Shanda Fuller is amazing. I had always been a bit skeptical of the Chiropractic field. After age & bad habits set in, I hurt my back one morning and could hardly walk. Dr. Fuller rearranged her schedule to accommodate me. Three treatments later and I feel better than I have in a long time. I cannot recommend Dr. Fuller and her team enough!


Dr. Ko is very professional, knowledgeable, warm, and overall a great chiropractor!

Her warm and compassionate personality makes me feel welcome and taken care of. She patiently and clearly explains the procedures and what is happening with my body. She showed me that a chiropractor is not just about cracking spines, she talks about the health of the whole body. I especially appreciate her input about my diet. I took her advice and have been trying to go gluten free and have been trying to avoid corn, and my body really does feel better!


I used to visit Dr. Cassie for months, and I thought she was wonderful. I was super sad when she left last year. Then, I was transferred to Dr. Shanda, and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Shanda is able to find all the little things that are wrong with me to help figure out how to fix me as a whole. I have recommended Dr. Shanda to several people.

Also, I think I should mention the customer appreciation days where they make the best treats for us, and decorate the office for party mode. I love all of the staff, too. This place is the best. I would totally work here if this was my line of work, just so that I could hang out with these fantastic ladies in a great environment.


I would like to thank Dr. Melissa Ko of Sycamore Valley Chiropractic and their staff for responding promptly to my needs and giving me such great attention.

I was recently rear ended in a car accident and had injured my neck causing a whiplash. Horrible headaches and pain followed. Getting out of bed in the morning was almost impossible.

I am very impressed by their incredible knowledge in taking such great care of me for this type of injury. I would recommend and totally trust Dr. Melissa Ko with any of my family, friends and business clients. Dr. Melissa Ko is working on getting me back to a healthy life.

I am so happy to have met her and her incredible staff who have been attending me in her office.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and the continued care I will be receiving from you.


Dr. Call and the entire staff are extremely caring. After living with constant back pain for the last year, I now know I have two rotated discs, a 32 degree bend in my spine (no wonder my back hurt) and a plan to stop/reverse the rotation of the discs, reduce the pain level and give me the prospect of a pain free, active life. After 4 treatments I have already experienced some notable pain relief and I am encouraged that I have the right treatment plan and the right Doctor!

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