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Headaches are Letting You Know...


something is wrong. Our body lets us know that something is wrong through signals. Tightness in the neck, that’s a signal. A clicking sound when we turn our head, that’s a signal. A Headache, you better believe that’s a signal.

Our smoke alarm sends us a signal when there is a fire. Our carbon monoxide detector when there is a gas leak. Our car will flash the “Check Engine” light when it has a problem.

The alarm or “check engine” are not the cause of the problem, that would be the fire, the carbon monoxide leak or the actual problem in the engine.

The signals from our body function in a similar way. The headache, muscle tightness or clicking sound are not the problem itself, instead it is simple a signal from our body that something is wrong.

Finding the cause of that signal is our role. We don’t simply mask the symptom with a drug. Instead we take the time to determine the root cause and remove it. Just like you would for the smoke alarm or the “Check Engine” light. You don’t just remove the batteries from the alarm or put a piece of masking tape over the “Check Engine” light.

If you or someone you care about has been ignoring their bodies signals that something is wrong, please, give us a call (925) 837-5595. Our goal is to help get you out of pain and back doing the things that you love.

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