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Chiropractic: The Key to Performance and Recovery

The outcome of athletic competition directly relates to the condition of the human body. Equipment certainly plays a role in comfort and performance, but the conditioning, flexibility, and coordination play much larger roles. The impact of human performance makes sports and recreational activities attractive to people as both spectators and active participants. A deeply satisfying element exists within watching and experiencing human beings successfully think, move, and react to adversity and challenge. A well-functioning body serves as the greatest piece of equipment in any playing arena.


Today’s greatest athletes invest massive amounts of time, money, and resources into bodily performance and effective recovery. Chiropractic continues to escalate in importance to both the world’s top athletes and local recreational enthusiasts. Chiropractic empowers novice, amateur, and elite athletes with better healing, performance, and recovery.



Jordan Speith earned a ranking as one of the world’s most elite professional golfers. He thanked his Chiropractor right along with his coach and caddie after he won professional golf’s most prestigious tournament two years ago. Speith’s mention of Chiropractic care on the world’s biggest golf stage brought the spotlight to an asset used by millions of people for over 100 years. Most of the world’s greatest athletes utilize the benefits of Chiropractic. Every NFL team currently keeps a Chiropractor on staff for their players. Most Olympians employ the benefits of regular Chiropractic care to improve performance and speed recovery time. The benefits of Chiropractic adjustments spread from humble beginnings to the global spotlight as performance driven professionals discovered the positive impact of nervous system care. Chiropractic care delivers an edge in professions where fractions of seconds and inches determine the difference between world championships and defeat.


The most important aspect of scientifically engineered Chiropractic care exists in every local community: available to everyone. Chiropractic began as a health care alternative to drugs and surgery for all people, including weekend warriors on the golf course and on-the-go moms taking care of young children. Science and research prove that a Chiropractic adjustment improves mobility, range of motion, muscle strength, coordination, and recovery. These benefits go hand in hand with minimization and prevention of pain.  


A recent study showed that athletes who received a Chiropractic adjustment to their pelvis had a 3.6 centimeter improvement in their vertical jump compared to a 0.5 centimeter improvement in those who experienced a regiment of stretching alone. Such a specific study emphasizes the impact of Chiropractic care in even the smallest movements. Chiropractic adjustments improve mobility and remove stress from the nervous system. The nervous system helps run and regulate all functions in the body. An adjustment begins with the spine and radiates throughout all organs and systems in the body. Golfers on the PGA Tour or at the local golf course can all experience decreased tension and stress in their spine and body through Chiropractic. The same benefit awaits joggers and exercise enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. Improved performance and recovery time begins with maximization of the spine and nervous system. Human beings love to be active and Chiropractic cannot wait to help.

Journal of Physical Therapy Science  January 2015
“The influence of pelvic adjustment on vertical jump height in female university students with functional leg length inequality.”
Wontae Gong

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